Personal Injury

Personal Injury Claims in Manchester

If you have had an accident in the last 3 years that was not your fault, there is a good chance that you will be entitled to compensation.
A ‘Personal Injury’ can either be physical or psychological and extends, also to illnesses and diseases. Very often, these injuries are work-related and entitled to apply for work accidents claims – for example

  • Operating equipment without appropriate safeguards which results in an accident
  • Being ill as a result of undue stress at work.
  • Illnesses contracted due to unsafe working practices – such as handling asbestos without appropriate protection.
    As alluded to above, there are time-limits for lodging a compensation claim and, although you would have a maximum of three years in which to make your claim, it is advisable to submit the claim as soon after the accident as possible. This way, it is more likely that the facts of the case are remembered accurately.

Our Personal Injury solicitors will guide you through the process, and undertake all of the ancillary work involved – such as representing you in court (if necessary), arranging expert witnesses, contracting a claims assessor, and much more.

We will always offer to deal with your claim on a NO WIN NO FEE basis if no other funding is available

We will always ensure that you recover the FULL compensation to which you are entitled. We will never under settle your claim

We will always ensure that your claim is dealt with efficiently and professionally so that you receive your compensation as quickly as possible

We will discuss your claim with you sympathetically and free from legal jargon

We will arrange to visit you at your home, if necessary

We Offer No Win-No Fee Personal Injury Claims

We provide conditional fee arrangements or no-win-no-fee agreements on most of the personal injury cases. Under the no-win-no-fee agreement, you will not have to pay anything when your case proceeds. You do not have to make any contingency fee paid to our personal injury solicitor for their services if your compensation claim is unsuccessful.

We will inform you initially if your case has a sufficient prospect of success. And if we proceed with your case, we will ensure to do all that we can to obtain the best possible result.

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